Commercial Solutions for Classified

Crystal Clear Technologies is a CSFC Trusted Integrator. CSFC stands for Commercial Solutions for Classified, and it is a designation earned through the NSA.

Today the US government customers require the commercial environments most modern commercial hardware and software technologies within the National Security System (NSS), in order to achieve mission objectives. The National Security Administration (NSA)/Central Security Service (CSS) are continuing to develop new ways to leverage the newest technologies to deliver more timely and effective Information Assurance (IA) to the government customer. The NSA/CSS Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSFC) process enables commercial products to be used in layered solutions to protect classified NSS information. This process provides the ability to securely communicate, based on commercial standards, with a solution that can be fielded in months instead of years.

The CSFC Trusted Integrator designation represents organizations that have been fully vetted by the NSA, and deemed qualified to assemble and integrate components for classified environments according to the CSFC Capability Package requirements. Crystal Clear Technologies can perform within any of the respective Capability Package NSA has to offer.

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