Strategic Product Sourcing

Crystal Clear Technologies provides complex integrated network support for voice / data infrastructures and C5 requirements to include: site surveys, professional engineering, design, installation services, systems integration support, and on-going maintenance. CCT can design & install within the following functions. Overall, our solutions help drive down cost, achieve compliance, and support green initiatives.

Crystal Clear Technologies’ Strategic Product Sourcing line of business is committed to bringing leading product offerings coupled with worldwide distribution capabilities and technical expertise to ensure data, voice, video and security networks meet the network demands of your mission today, and in the future.

  • Crystal Clear Technologies confirms that the products needed (from racks and cabinets for data centers to IP cameras for video surveillance systems) are delivered on time, as specified.
  • Our logistical team prides itself on kitting diverse lists of materials (LOMs) and has the capability of consolidating them into single or multiple kitted solutions.
  • Crystal Clear Technologies does not lead with an “or equal” mentality; we work with our customers to ensure that the product requested is the product delivered.
  • Crystal Clear Technologies has a proven track record of shipping products all over the world.

Our vast product offerings go hand in hand with our “quote complete” mentality. No matter how diverse the LOM, we concert our efforts to price the entire requirement. As a result, our customers can conduct one procurement to complete their mission. Crystal Clear Technologies has established relationships with hundreds of manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors to allow us to provide a wide variety of hardware and software.



CCT offers both passive and active infrastructure products. Our passive cabling and connectivity offering supports:

  • Voice and Data Communications
  • Building Automation
  • Video Distribution
  • Life Safety Broadcast Systems – CCT also offers complete server, blade, storage, and networking configuration, performed by highly qualified engineers in a static-free lab.


CCT offers a consultative approach to data center optimization. We have expertise in the fundamentals of efficient data center design, including:

  • Power Management
  • Cooling
  • Air Flow
  • Network Security
  • Virtualization

We develop customized solutions that deliver real return on our clients’ investments. CCT also provides end-to-end security solutions to protect our customers’ core network to minimize risks and keep mission critical systems operational.


CCT can provide all the products necessary for a wide array of security solutions such as:

  • Access Control (PACS)
  • CCTV
  • Biometrics
  • Fire Alarms
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Intercom/Giant Voice
  • Door Controls and Locks
  • Mass Notification

To learn more about our manufacturers and vendor relations, please see the Line Card below.


For Product Sourcing/Sales, contact our Strategic Product Sourcing Division at: 727-321-8888 or